We Can Help You with the Heavy Lifting!

Let us help you create and support your entire ERG and BRG strategies and processes from concept to delivery, as we have for many Fortune 500™ and Fortune 100™ companies around the world. We can help you measure the Return on Investment (ROI) impact of any Employee Resource Group's (ERGs) and Business Resource Group's (BRGs) initiative as well as any other initiatives, goals and strategies.

Improve your group's ROI with a better plan. The Hubbard ERG and BRG Institute specializes in employee resource group and business resource group creation, development, implementation, and ROI measurement. Our experienced and proven organization offers a full range of consulting support services for ERGs and BRGs in the area of diversity return on investment, ERG and BRG impact measurement, ERG and BRG analytics, ERG and BRG training, ERG and BRG members/Leaders ROI Certification, and much more.

We help you drive better ROI performance results for bottom-line impact, and are better at comprehensive strategic ROI approach to ERG and BRG performance than you could imagine.

Because we help you design expert measurement, ROI analytics and ERG and BRG management processes for better diversity business intelligence alignment, you can quickly plan, implement, and monitor your ERG/BRG strategy deployment to show measurable progress and ROI-based impact.

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As an Annual Registered Hubbard ERG/BRG ROI Institute Member, you receive:

•24/7 Online Warehouse of:

◦100's of ERG and BRG Measurement and Productivity Measures and formulas you can use immediately

◦Step-by-Step ERG and BRG DROI Measurement Worksheets

◦Step-by-Step ERG and BRG DROI Analytics Templates

◦Downloadable, Featured ERG and BRG Measurement and Productivity Articles

◦Easy to Use ERG and BRG DROI Analytic Tools

◦Easy to Use Online ERG and BRG ROI Measurement Calculators and Templates

and much, much, more...

ERG and BRG ROI Impact!

Now your Employee Resource Groups / Business Resource Groups can:

  • Automatically Calculate the ROI impact of their Initiatives
  • Interactively Share Best Practices Online anywhere in the world (global community footprint)
  • Dynamically Track Project Development and Implementation Status Online
  • Quickly generate Online Scorecards and Dashboard Report Displays of their Initiatives ROI Impact and Results!!
  • and much, much more...!

Always supportive

The best results are achieved when you have others who keep you accountable for results. Our members are Diversity Practitioners, ERG and BRG Leaders, and Members who want to make a measurable difference in the organization and themselves. This community shares and builds resources to help each member achieve their specific goals and objectives.